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Why us?

At NWF, We have the most powerful mortgage rate search engine to help you find the best loan product. We are partners with more than 20 top mortgage lenders and investors nationwide. 



Helped hundreds of homeowners lowered their monthly mortgage payment. 

24/7 service through Wechat, Phone and Email. 


vs. "Big banks"

  • NWF has access to more than 140 wholesale mortgage lenders, however "big banks" only process their own loan products. 

  • Wholesale mortgage lenders have much less expenses such as advertisements and branch office costs, so they can offer more aggressive interest rate. 

  • One of our popular lenders, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) has funded $107.7 billion in mortgage loan volume in 2019. 


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Wentao Wu

It was great experience to work with NWF Mortgage. Taking a loan is more complicated than people may have thought, but Jennifer and the team made the whole procedure easy and smooth. They also offered me the best rate that I could get. I am grateful to all the efforts they put in.

Grace Zhang

One of the best mortgage companies I’ve worked with. Between purchase and refinance I’ve probably dealt with a handful of mortgage companies from the right coast to the left coast, NWF was the most responsive and efficient I’ve come across. 

Ming Xia

NWF Mortgage provides professional and very good-quality service regarding my mortgage. Their preapproval letter can be sent out in a very short time and the mortgage process is perfect. I am very satisfied with their service which is very friendly for the first-time buyer. My house is closed on time thanks to their help.

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